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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Our Sunday - 10 April 2016

We spent out Sunday morning at Low Yat Plaza shopping for computer and mobile phone accessories.  It was my first time at Low Yat Plaza;  I was thrilled and floored  to see the legion of computers, mobile phones and multitudinous supply of accessories at the shops within the complex. With every shop selling almost the same goods, there is so much competition and bargain for shoppers to get the best priced electrical item.

The prices of goods at the shops that we went to were very reasonable.   The Hello Kitty Samsung mobile phone cover that hubs got for me was priced at RM19.90 with a RM12 discount off the item! Now, that's a real steal! No where could we get such a nice mobile phone cover at that price.

Hubs  got us a new speaker, web cam, pen drives, chargers, phone covers and iPad cover.

These two keyboards with neon colored keys caught my eyes. I wanted to get one of them but it wasn't too long ago that hubs got me a new wireless keyboard.  No way would he get me a new one. But you know what? The next day, my wireless keyboard had a faulty key, all of a sudden, as if it knew that I wanted to disown it to get a new one!  Perhaps hubs would get me the neon color keyboard should he make another trip to Low Yat Plaza :D

After shopping, we had a sumptuous lunch of dim sum at Lai Ching Yuen Chinese Restaurant @ Millennium Hotel with hubs' aunts, uncles and cousins.

Below - our girls monkeying around with a Face Swap app with their young aunts (hubs' has cousins aged 8 through 20s) and had tons and tons of guffaw and cackle.

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