Health Freak Mommy: Sunday Night Lazy Dinner - 24 April 2016


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Monday, April 25, 2016

Sunday Night Lazy Dinner - 24 April 2016

We hardly cook during the weekend.  Saturday nights are eat out nights and Sunday nights are take-away nights.

On Sundays, after lunch outside, we normally take-away pizza (for the kids' sake. I don't fancy pizzas unless I make them myself and put ingredients that I like), sushi, fried rice or fried noodles.  Well, basically anything that is easy to heat up, eat and wash up.  I am lazy I know!

Here's our takeout dinner last Sunday:

Hawaiian pizza, Korean fried chicken drum sticks and Korean grilled chicken.  These are for the girls.  The mil made a simple fried rice with ginger, eggs and Chinese sausage for herself and me.  I also had a cup of sugar-free Hersheys cocoa with oats, ground almond, coconut oil and skim milk.

Image may contain: pizza and food

Vegetables of the day - cool sliced kyuri and red and green sweet capsicums.

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