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Monday, May 2, 2016

3 Ways to Encourage an Interest in STEM for Your Children

Whether your child has an interest in a STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) career, or you just want to expand your child’s interests, there are many toys that help to increase and encourage a child’s interest in these fields. Here are just three items you can buy that may help to encourage your child’s interest in these fields.

While you likely will not want to buy an adult microscope for your child, there are many microscopes created for children. There are plastic microscopes created for small children, which allow them to view everyday objects in greater detail. Microscopes created for older children allow the child to place the objects on a slide and view things such as bugs, hairs, germs, and other small objects clearer. Often children’s microscopes are less fragile than microscopes used by scientists, allowing for the child to be a little less gentle with the device. Microscopes allow even children who might not have an interest in science to see that it can be fun.

Lab Coat
Kids lab coats are great for any child interested in STEM. The child can pretend to be a doctor. The child can pretend to be a scientist. When combined with something like a children’s microscope, the child can even feel like a real scientist. A lab coat also provides a little bit of protection for the child’s clothing, which is nice when your little scientist gets a little messy with the colored water “experiments” or other messes your child might make.

Rock and Mineral Kit 
If your child has an interest in rocks, a rock and mineral kit might be an ideal learning option. A rock and mineral kit allows the child to see different rock varieties and learn facts about the specific rocks. Many rock and mineral kits even include pictures of rocks with the name included, allowing your child to find rocks on their own and identify them.

Of course, these are only a few of the toys you can purchase to encourage a child’s interest in a STEM career. Books, toys that allow the child to build, and telescopes are other ideas that may help to build upon your child’s interest in these fields.

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