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Monday, November 13, 2017

Saturday - 11 Nov 2017

It's been a long and exhausting day for me today, a day that's filled with suspense.  I spent 7 hours at Gleneagles Hospital to give moral support to Drama Queen and her team as they face off with other schools in an inter-school care champion search organized by the hospital. The champion school will be adopted by Gleneagles Hospital for the year 2018.  All the 10 teams were very good and competition was really stiff.

Drama Queen's team - Team Plaster Caster:

Team Plaster Caster presenting their case:

After the 10 schools completed the first Challenge, the students and parents proceeded to attend their respective workshops - the students attended a first-aid and basic medical general knowledge workshop while the parents attended a bento-making and CPR workshop.

Below: Parents and teachers seated together at the bento-making workshop; and the bento set that I made. I know it's really, really hideous. I am so ashamed of it.  I have absolutely no patience when it comes to shaping and cutting out tiny eyes, nose and ears to decorate a bear formed out of rice.  Thankfully I never really had to decorate my girls' food to entice them to eat. My 3 piranhas have always been very easy eaters and they gobble down whatever food that's placed on the dining table.

Workshop on CPR for the parents and teachers:

Round 2 of the Challenge revolved around a quiz on medical and diseases general knowledge. Points from answering the quiz will be added to the respective teams' points bank. The team that accumulates the most points will be the champion.

After quiz was lunch:

After lunch, the two winning teams went on stage to face-off in a final round of quiz before the name of the champion was announced.

And the champion for the Gleneagles' Junior Care Champion Search went to our school, woohoo!!!  I can't believe we beat Davidson (another popular High Prestige school), St John's and Methodist.  However, it ain't Drama Queen's team that won but another team. Nonetheless, I am so proud of both Drama Queen's team and the winning team. The winning girls gave a superb performance and were brilliant in answering the medical pop quiz.  For the top 10 finalist teams, they get a free entrance ticket to Kidzania too.

Drama Queen's team on stage to receive their prize from the dashing and handsome CEO of Gleneagles Hospital, Dato' Dr Adzuan Rahman, a medical doctor by training.  The consolation prize is a cool smart watch, something that Drama Queen has always wanted. She was so happy!

The champion team gets RM3,000 in cash and it's to be shared among the 3 team members. How awesome!!

Group photo:

After the event ended at 4 p.m., we walked over to Kuroshio Market situated beside Gleneagles Hospital to have an early dinner. Drama Queen had to have a quick bite as she had to be in school by 5:30 p.m. for her school concert. She is participating in an ukulele and a dance performance.

Hubs and I shared this delectable grilled lobster platter:

Drama Queen's dinner:

Take-away cakes for Alycia and Cass:

Today has been an intensive, long and hectic day for Drama Queen. She got back from her school concert way past midnight and it wasn't until 2 a.m. that she finally managed to plonk herself onto her comfy bed. Her plate has been full to the brim the entire year and it will only slow down in mid December. Next up will be her school's canteen day (an event which she has been busying herself with since last month), her graduation and another dance performance next week, her free trip to Kidzania end November and an ukulele performance at a shopping mall on 9 December 2017. I can't wait for my busy girl to bounce back into the kitchen to help me out coz the mil will soon be overseas for 3 months and I will definitely be needing a kitchen assistant then.

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