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Monday, November 20, 2017

Our Sunday, 19 Nov 2017

Drama Queen needed a red blouse urgently for her graduation performance on Wednesday.  So off we went to H&M @ Avenue K to hunt for one.

Since we were there, I told Alycia to look for some clothes for Christmas but nothing much caught her interest except for a beanie hat. Of all the clothes at H&M, she liked none except for a beanie hat and some pullovers and jackets meant for  autumn/winter! I told her straight that there was no way I would be getting her a beanie hat and thick clothing as we won't be going to any winter countries in the near future.  She would be a laughing stock if she were to don on a beanie hat in our sizzling weather! In the end, she settled for a Rolling Stone tee. Oh. My. Gawd. I think that the tee with a tongue sticking out is so hideous and looks worn out as the color is in the shade of fading grey. I got it for her anyway. It's difficult to get clothing for this girl. She doesn't like dresses or skirts, no singlets or anything sexy. No pink or girlish colors too. Duh!

After shopping, we had lunch at Urbean Cafe located at the Lower Concourse Level (opposite The Loaf). We thought that this cafe only serves coffee and cakes but the selection of items on their menu is pretty wide.

As my tummy still isn't behaving very well lately due to the course of antibiotics, I wanted something light. I had mushroom soup, which was very yummy and soothing for my tummy.

This couscous and alfalfa sprout salad with chicken breast is surprisingly good.  A spoonful of it and my stomach was blown away.

Since our part-time helper came yesterday, Alycia and Drama Queen decided to cook dinner.  They cooked fried Mamak mee while I oven-grilled some steak that the hubs had marinated a couple of days ago.

Using a whole head of organic cabbage, a carrot, eggs, Baba's fish curry powder, lots of chopped garlic and onions and oven-grilled steak, the Mamak mee was pretty good.

I took a few forkfuls of noodles and a bowl of fried curry cabbage...

Our oven-grilled steak:

I have always wanted to try grilling steaks in the oven but most of the recipes that I  found from the internet require partial frying on the stove and then transferring the skillet into the oven. I was too lazy for that and grilled the steak for 15 minutes in the oven with a little olive oil.  The outcome was awesome. The meat is tender and still juicy, though a little well done.  We loved it.

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