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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Instant Straight Or Wavy Hair

Cass used to have beautiful curls on her hair when she was a baby.  The curls at the end of her soft locks made her look like a real-life doll with big eyes and rose bud lips.  How I miss my baby girl at that age.  As she grew older, her hair grew even curlier and now her entire head is filled with lovely big curls. When her hair is let down, it looks like she has just permed her hair.   I told her that when she grows up, she never have to spend money to get her hair wavy.  But Cass prefers to have straight hair.  She asked me if she could have hair rebonding. I told her that the chemicals used are too harsh for a little girl like her. I have never liked having chemicals applied to my hair.  Years ago before I had kids, I forked over the dough at a high-end hair salon on rebonding but the harsh chemicals took a toll on my scalp, resulting in dandruff and an itchy scalp.  It took years for my sensitive scalp to heal.   I told Cass that when she starts to earn money in future, she could get long straight weave hair to satisfy her desire to have long straight hair.

My hair is super fine and limp, much like baby hair.  On bad hair days, I wish I had some ready wigs or hair extension at home, like a deep wave weave or silk base closure to conceal my hair for an instant make-over.  My erstwhile neighbor owns several wigs.  I didn't  realize that she wore wigs until very much later when I noticed that her hair would be long and straight on one day and bob cut the next day.

Would you wear a wig? Or get a hair extension? I think it'll be fun to try on some!

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