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Friday, September 28, 2018

Mr Too Sweet Neighbor

Remember my previous post on the surprise my bachelor neighbor sprang on me exactly a month ago?

He did it again last night!

Nothing suggestive and stirring ok. Don't get me wrong. 😆

It's another sweet surprise from a man who calls himself "too sweet".

This time, he surprised us with a box of chocolate cake that he brought back all the way from Wien / Vienna, Austria.

When the doorbell rang, the mil opened the door without first checking through the peep hole who it was thinking that it was Alycia who was back from the gym. She was totally stunned when she saw the man standing at the door, with a box in hand.  Haha!

I quickly ran to the door and greeted him.   Awkward!! 

Story time again from Mr Too Sweet guy, haha!

Mr Too Sweet guy told me that he had just returned from Austria a few days ago. He was there to celebrate his birthday and he bought a chocolate cake back home. After celebrating the cake cutting thingy with his parents and sisters, he was still binging on the cake each time he sat down to watch TV.  Then he told himself that he gotta stop eating as he got the diagnosis of being diabetic last year. His doctor told him that he is "too sweet" and overweight.  I noticed since last year that he had started to go to the gym and walking around the neighborhood instead of driving.  But still, he didn't shed much weight, so said Mr Too Sweet guy. 

Mr Too Sweet told me that his hobby is traveling the world and eating. Googling for the best desserts and traveling all the way to the location to get it to satiate his craving is his job. Sounds like he is a perfect eating buddy to pair with the hubs!  But Mr Too Sweet guy is dang loaded. And my man ain't.  Only 48 years old, does not need to work (we have never seen him in his office attire), always traveling the world to eat, hmmm, what could his job be?

My Drama Queen in her usual dramatic mind thinks that he is a drug dealer. The mil, with a very conservative mind and old school of thought has been very dubious over his sweet thoughts as he kept saying "I know you have 3 daughters".  She thinks he is a pervert and warned our girls not to eat the cake that he gave us.

The hubs and I think he is the son of some tycoon. 

His two times sweet gifts to us have stoked our curiosity to know what he does for a living.  The fact that I always see young foreign men coming in and out of his unit at different hour of the day leaves me with a leery feeling about him.

Anyway, what he does is none of our business la. 

As for this special edition chocolate cake from Hotel Sacher, Wien, we find it too sweet for our liking.  According to Mr Too Sweet, Hotel Sacher ships their specialty cakes worldwide.  And this birthday cake that he bought cost 80 Euros.

The girls and I had a real good laugh over this encounter. The best part was when the mil did not even check who it was thinking that it was Alycia and opened the door leaving me with no time to change into proper clothing. I went straight to the door in my night gown with messy hair (I just got out of the shower) sans anything beneath the sheer night gown.  I hope he didn't see what should not be seen.


Hope this post got you in stitches.

Happy weekend all and sundry!

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