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Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Cherry Apples

Have you ever seen a cherry apple?

I saw cherry apples at De Market and the size is slightly bigger than a cherry, with a long stem, making them look almost like a cherry. At RM25.99 a punnet, these cherry apples look stunning and exotic but I am not ambitious when it comes to buying exotic foods. Exotic does not mean delicious.  I tried Googling for cherry apples but  can't gather much information on it, except that cherry apples are also called crab apples and  they are usually used for preserving.

Has anyone tried cherry apples before? I am curious to know what it tastes like.

Cass Irons Her Clothes

Annie, our new part-time maid does not iron clothes. She does not have enough time to do this job. She leaves at 8:30 p.m. on the dot after 3 hours and if I want her to do more, I have to pay her OT, unlike Maria my part-time maid of 6 years who is ever willing to put in more hours at no extra charge.  But it's ok. I'm happy that there's someone to come in the evenings to help wash the dishes and clean up after cooking.

Without kakak Maria, the girls would  have to iron their clothes themselves. Most times they are lazy and wear crinkled shirts to school. Cass says she has a pinafore over her shirt, so who cares about her crumpled shirt?  Sometimes she only irons the sleeves.


But for her outing clothes, I have to remind her to iron them. She does them hurriedly though, as if it's a waste of her time. This is the first time in my brat's life that she's ironing her own clothes!  Good training for her.


As for me, I hate ironing!  I hardly iron clothes as I buy only clothes made from wrinkle-free fabric.  The hubs irons his clothes and sometimes the mil irons for him.

How to Commemorate a Girl’s Birthday Ever Year

When you know that there is going to be a little girl born into the world, you want to think about how to commemorate not only her birth but every birthday thereafter. Disney birthday figurines can be used in fun ways to accomplish this.

Precious Moments Disney Princess Birthday Train Age 4 Ariel

Choose a Theme
You can choose a theme for the gift that you’re going to give her. For example, with Disney birthday figurines, you can give her a different princess every year. The year that she’s turning can even be included on the figurine. This way, she’ll get one each year that has the year so she knows when she got each one. By the time she reaches 10 or 12, she can have a full collection.

Precious Moments Disney Princess Birthday Train Age 10 Periwinkle

Give a New Figure Every Year
When you have a theme, it will be exciting to add a new figurine every year. Once she identifies what the theme is, such as Disney princesses, she’ll be wondering what the next one will be. Plus, you can make sure that you always know what to get her because you will want to maintain tradition with new figurines.

Precious Moments Disney Princess Birthday Train Age 3 Aurora

Make the Presentation Special
The presentation should be extra special. Be sure that you have her display what you have given her. It may be a good idea to get a shelf specifically for the figurines. Then, make a big deal by giving her the figurine and letting her add it to where all of the others are from years past.

By keeping the theme year after year, the special girl in your life will look forward to every birthday to see what you’re going to give her next. It will be something that she can enjoy for years and, potentially, pass down to future generations.

Precious Moments Disney Princess Birthday Train Age 2 Cinderella

Monday, November 5, 2018

Part-Time Maid Update

This week will be the second week that our 5th and hopefully final temporary part-time maid, Annie has been working for us. So far I am pretty pleased with her work. But still I have not found another maid as good as my most trusted part-time maid, Maria who has gone back to Indonesia to get married. She's my trophy helper who has been working for us for 6 years and I hope that she will come back to work for us as promised.

Annie has a very amiable personality and is efficient. The only downside is she can only work for 3 hours in the evening, which is not sufficient for her to complete other chores like ironing and other cleaning. But I am contented. As long as there is someone at my house from 5:30 - 8:30 p.m. from Monday through Fridays to help wash the dishes and clean up after dinner, I am one happy camper.  I am usually out on my 'Ahmad' duty at night, thus do not have the time to do the dishes and clean the kitchen after dinner.

Annie has work experience as a house maid in Russia (3 years) and Singapore (2 years). She can speak English and even Russian language! Pretty impressive work experience for an Indonesian lady who is now engaged full-time as a cleaner at our condo.

In exactly two more weeks, my beloved Maria will be back working for us. The girls and I miss her so much. I'm counting down the days every day! 😁

Dinner on our Sunday yesterday was at Koyaku Japanese Dining And Grill @ Faber Towers with only the hubs and Cass. The two older girls  preferred to stay home to enjoy their takeout pizza from Ben's Independent Grocer.  One is hooked to her Korean dramas and the other, her English dramas from Netflix.  πŸ˜•

And the littlest brat is hooked to her novels.

I was still feeling very cloy after a heavy lunch of pasta, burger, mushroom soup and cakes from Huckleberry Food And Fare, thus only ordered Chawan Mushi.  The Chawan Mushi from Koyaku is supersized (I love!) and costs RM12 a bowl.

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Grocery Bill

Several years ago, I only needed to spend RM50 each time I did my daily grocery shopping.  Then came the implementation of GST and that RM50 was not enough anymore. From RM50, the shopping bill went up to RM80, then RM100 and over the years, it went up to at least RM120 per grocery shopping. Our household grocery bill can run up to RM5k a month! That's the reason why I still need to work😏

This is my grocery loot on Monday this week:

Most vegetables and fruits are organic.  And the bulk of the bill comes from the fresh organic produce. What made my budget exceed was the S&B Japanese Golden Curry which I badly wanted to try as the kids love Japanese curry.

How much do you spend on groceries each time you go shopping? What's your monthly grocery bill like?  Please share 😊