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Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Cass Irons Her Clothes

Annie, our new part-time maid does not iron clothes. She does not have enough time to do this job. She leaves at 8:30 p.m. on the dot after 3 hours and if I want her to do more, I have to pay her OT, unlike Maria my part-time maid of 6 years who is ever willing to put in more hours at no extra charge.  But it's ok. I'm happy that there's someone to come in the evenings to help wash the dishes and clean up after cooking.

Without kakak Maria, the girls would  have to iron their clothes themselves. Most times they are lazy and wear crinkled shirts to school. Cass says she has a pinafore over her shirt, so who cares about her crumpled shirt?  Sometimes she only irons the sleeves.


But for her outing clothes, I have to remind her to iron them. She does them hurriedly though, as if it's a waste of her time. This is the first time in my brat's life that she's ironing her own clothes!  Good training for her.


As for me, I hate ironing!  I hardly iron clothes as I buy only clothes made from wrinkle-free fabric.  The hubs irons his clothes and sometimes the mil irons for him.

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