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Wednesday, November 7, 2018

How to Commemorate a Girl’s Birthday Ever Year

When you know that there is going to be a little girl born into the world, you want to think about how to commemorate not only her birth but every birthday thereafter. Disney birthday figurines can be used in fun ways to accomplish this.

Precious Moments Disney Princess Birthday Train Age 4 Ariel

Choose a Theme
You can choose a theme for the gift that you’re going to give her. For example, with Disney birthday figurines, you can give her a different princess every year. The year that she’s turning can even be included on the figurine. This way, she’ll get one each year that has the year so she knows when she got each one. By the time she reaches 10 or 12, she can have a full collection.

Precious Moments Disney Princess Birthday Train Age 10 Periwinkle

Give a New Figure Every Year
When you have a theme, it will be exciting to add a new figurine every year. Once she identifies what the theme is, such as Disney princesses, she’ll be wondering what the next one will be. Plus, you can make sure that you always know what to get her because you will want to maintain tradition with new figurines.

Precious Moments Disney Princess Birthday Train Age 3 Aurora

Make the Presentation Special
The presentation should be extra special. Be sure that you have her display what you have given her. It may be a good idea to get a shelf specifically for the figurines. Then, make a big deal by giving her the figurine and letting her add it to where all of the others are from years past.

By keeping the theme year after year, the special girl in your life will look forward to every birthday to see what you’re going to give her next. It will be something that she can enjoy for years and, potentially, pass down to future generations.

Precious Moments Disney Princess Birthday Train Age 2 Cinderella

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