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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Whatsapp-ing The Tutor

This is one of the many photos of Alycia's Chinese school homework that I Whatsapp-ed to her Mandarin tutor yesterday.   I am thankful that I have found a very accommodating, diligent and easy-going tutor for my girls.  Alycia can Whatsapp or call her tutor anytime of the day and she would get a speedy reply from Ms M.  With the help of this tutor, Alycia managed to score an A for her Chinese papers in almost all her previous tests.  As for Sherilyn, she scored a B, which ain't too bad.  Before the Mid Year exam, Ms M had to go through lots of hair-pulling and voice-raising sessions with Sherilyn.  Ms M had forecasted a borderline pass  for Sherilyn's Chinese test papers.  I was not surprised too as I know Sherilyn's capabilities and interest in the Chinese language.  So when she got a B for her Chinese test paper last week, I could not be happier :D   Thank God too that Sherilyn scored 93% for her Math in Chinese papers. Thank God that she could recognize the key words in the Math papers :D

I think Sherilyn has plenty of room for improvement. She just needs to improve on her concentration power during classes and needs to put in a 100% effort in character recognition. In Chinese language, you need good memory to remember the characters.


Yi Ling said...

Your girls are so lucky to have such responsible tutor. My eldest girl is in K2 so it will be headache for me when she needs help in Mandarin next year because I was fully BM educated.

Health Freak Mommy said...

Yi Ling, my hubs ans I are yellow bananas too. So it would be very benefiical if you could hire a good Mandarin tutor to teach your kids starting from now.

Mumsgather said...

My boy got a 62 for his pemahaman thanks to his missing out on 10 questions which carries 20 marks each. hahaha.

Chris said...

Holy Mackeral!! Those words are tough!! I do wish we had been pushed a bit more to learn Chinese as any language skill is an asset!

Inspired Momx1 said...

The same workbook used by my boy at school. Chinese is quite tough at this level and the boy's school starts using full UPSR format in their exams from Std 4.

Ben and Shaun said...

Well done. You and your girls deserve a great holiday