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Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Things You Should Know About Air Track Mats Before Buying

What Is Air Track Mat

An air track mat is an inflatable air tumbling mat that can be inflated by pumping air using an air pump.  They are commonly used on the gym floor, gymnasium for gymnasts and acrobats training, martial arts training halls, fitness clubs, dance studios, yoga studio, in the water for water games and sports or even as home entertainment. 

Kids and adults love tumbling on these tumble mats as they are bouncy, unlike a yoga mat, which is usually thin.  If you have a child who’s a budding gymnast, getting a good quality air track mat for your home is a good investment, both for safety and for nurturing their talent.

Air track gymnastics and tumble mats are superior and safe training mats for gymnasts and cheerleaders. With an air track mat, you can practise for competitions or simply jump or bounce on it for some fun at home.  As an air track mat can be easily inflated and deflated, you can easily bring it to wherever you want.

Air track mats provide very good support, bounce, and rebound height to gymnasts practicing leaps and jumps for competitions. The bounce feature of the air track is very good, which offers more air and power for your jumps, flips and leaps.

The elasticity of the mat can be adjusted by changing the pressure.  When the pressure is at its maximum, the air track can feel hard, while reduced pressure will make the air track more flexible and softer.  Different levels of stress levels can be tried to get one that suits the user the most.


Things That You Should Know When Buying Air Track Mats

Air track mats can be quite costly because of the expensive materials used.  If you’re planning on getting air track mats, here are 6 things that you should know before buying them.

 1.  What is air track mats made of?

In order to provide full support for practicing jumps, flips and somersaults, air tracks must be made from a durable and resilient material. High quality air track models are made of good quality PVC tarpaulin which is more durable, non-irritating, non-slip, waterproof, eco-friendly, easy to clean and safe to be used.


2. Why are air track mats expensive?

Air tracks are expensive because of the high quality materials used in the construction. The air tracks are tested for 1-3 days using rigorous testing procedures to ensure that there is no leaking.  Some shops like Kameymall offer a 2-year warranty with lifelong after-sale service for the air tracks.


3. How long do air track mats last?

If the air track mat is well taken care of in accordance to manufacturer’s instructions, they can last a decade. Proper usage and maintenance include regularly cleaning the equipment, deflating it when not in use and storing it in its bag. Special care must be taken to ensure that the air track mat is not exposed to objects that could puncture or burn it.


4.  Where do I buy air track mats?

One of the best places on the internet to shop for air track mats is at Kameymall. There’s a wide range of air track mats at this online mall with different price range to suit every budget and need.


5. Can air tracks be used outdoors?

Air tracks can be for both indoor and outdoor use (on land and on water). Just ensure that the air track is used on a smooth flat surface when outdoors.  Always ensure that the surface is clear of any sharp objects. It is highly recommended that a groundsheet be used.


6.  How can you repair air tracks?

As with most inflatable products, air tracks can be repaired using a patching kit and adhesive, which most sellers will include in the purchase.  You will have to refer to the manufacturer’s instructions on repairing air tracks or get in touch with the seller.

10 Foot Air Tracks Large Gymnastics Mat 


Benefits of Using Air Track Mats

1.    Less risk of an injury during practice vs. using yoga mats.

2.    They are quickly and easily inflated with electric pumps, and ready for use.

3.    They are also easily deflated for convenient storage in smaller spaces.

4.    When deflated and folded, they are more portable and easier to carry around than padded mats.

5.    They allow gymnasts to practice moves any time they feel like it, to build their confidence and learn new skills.

But keep in mind that the air track is not designed to be a landing mat so please do not ever attempt to jump from high places onto the mat.

Kameymall is an online wholesaler that carry a wide range of air track mats in various sizes, thickness and finishes for different uses.  They supply air tracks at competitive prices, making them the preferred choice for everyone from gymnasts to cheerleaders for practice at home or at the gym.


Click here to shop for air track mats.  Happy shopping and have loads of fun with your new air track mat!

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