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Friday, June 13, 2008

Baby C Loves Being Sung To

Baby C loves being sung to. Each morning, I will play a children's nursery rhyme CD and sing to her (complete with actions) as I feed her antibiotics. She will coo, gurgle and smile as I sing to her. I will sing to her for at least an hour, till she finishes the 3ml of antibiotics. Then, she will take a short nap before I nurse her and bathe her.

These pix were taken last night just before bedtime. Baby C was crying and Sherilyn tried to pacify her by singing to her. I had taken videos of it but had accidentally deleted it after downloading it to my PC this morning. Baby C was smiling and responding happily as she heard her cheh cheh singing to her. She was moving her hands and kicking her legs gleefully non-stop as her eyes were fixated at her cheh cheh. Sherilyn felt so proud that she could pacify her little baby sister from crying. I'm going to try to capture another video of Sherilyn singing to Baby C tonight!

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