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Monday, June 30, 2008

Baby C Loves Tummy Time

The other day, I placed Baby C on her tummy on the mattress. The moment her tummy touched the mattress, she squealed in delight. We (Alycia, Sher and I) all cheered for her to lift her head up and to crawl (in Doman style, it's called crawling, as in commando crawl, though many people call it creeping). She tried to lift her head up but only managed to muster a 45 degrees angle hold and her face keeps getting buried on the mattress. She managed to crawl an inch or two and was so excited. 5 mins later, she got restless and cried and I put her back on her bouncinet again. I am just longing to see her start crawling now but when she starts crawling everywhere, I would have to watch her like a hawk and that's when I wish she were a baby again!
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