Health Freak Mommy: Baby C Trying To Tell Me She Hates Her Antibiotics


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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Baby C Trying To Tell Me She Hates Her Antibiotics

During my stay in the hospital with Baby C when she had UTI recently, the nurses were all amazed that at only 7 weeks, Baby C could try to tell me that she hates taking her antibiotics. Each time she was fed antibiotics, she would turn her head left and right, repeatedly, as if shaking her head to tell me "mummy, no, no, no". When I held her head with my left hand and gripped her cheeks with my right thumb and forefinger to force open her mouth, Baby C would give me the most pathetic stare with her eyes wide opened and eyebrows furrowed. She would then muster some pathetic sounds, as if pleading with me not to force feed her with the horrible tasting thick stuff. I would then kiss her head and tell her that she has to eat her medicine if she wants to get well and go home. She threw up anyway each time she took the antibiotics. Seeing her throw up so painfully broke my heart into pieces.
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