Health Freak Mommy: Baby C's Face Cleared Of Eczema


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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Baby C's Face Cleared Of Eczema

During her 4-day stay in the hospital, Baby C's face was practically cleared of eczema or heat rash. Her complexion was flawless. I deduce that it's because she was in an air-conditioned room all the time. Baby C sweats very easily and whenever she's hot, the eczema would flare up. My diet was as usual the same food which consisted of milk, Milo, wholewheat bread, eggs, some nuts and I even ate 'kai jau' which had alcohol. Despite all these food which are known to cause eczema, Baby C was free from eczema during her stay in the hospital. The day she returned home (which happened to be a hot day), the eczema started to flare up again. So I can only sum up that my little princess cannot stand heat and must always be kept cool and moisturized to prevent an eczema outbreak.
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