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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Boring Sunday

It's another boring Sunday for me. Hubby has brought Alycia and Sherilyn out shopping for lightings and toilet bowls for our new home. I'm cooped up at home again with Baby C.... and ate peanut butter sandwich and some roasted almonds for lunch, how unexciting can that be. I haven't eaten out for weeks and I am just raring to go out again. I wonder when I can be released from my 'home prison'. I'm going to ask the pediatrician nephrologist next week when we bring Baby C to see her for an assessment of her kidney reflux if it's ok to bring Baby C out.

Baby C has not recovered fully from her cold. I realize that her nose will get stuffy if she's in an air cond room or if she's put too near the fan. If I keep her warm, her nose will be fine but the both of us will feel stuffy and sweaty all over. The weather has not been too good lately - damn hot and humid. And when she's all sweaty, her eczema will flare up again. Sigh.... it's the devil or the deep blue sea!
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