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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Can't Stand Her English

I really cannot stand the wishy-washy and horrendous English that my maid speaks. Her English already sounds terrible with her mother tongue interferance, coupled with her broken command and wrong usages, her sentences really make my hair stands at times. Though I've told her countless times (almost everyday) that she is to speak in Malay with the kids, she is still speaking in her terrible yet hilarious command of English. Here are some examples :

1) When Baby C cries, she will try her best to pacify her while she says this "Please wet wet ar..... mummy a coming, wet wet ar......." (she meant wait wait).

2) Don't climb up Kay Yi, nanti you the drop down.....

3) Faster go shower, you number one, faster a go take shower....

4) You no go out, you naughty....
(she normally says this to Sherilyn when she's naughty. She meant to threaten Sherilyn that she can't go for outings next time)

5) Faster you eat! (she loves to tell this to Alycia and Sherilyn during meal times)

6) Why you no drink you water? (she also cannot pronounce the word 'your' and often says 'you' instead)

7) Alycia : Kakak, where is mah mah?
Kakak : Mah Mah go....
Alycia : Where is mah mah Kakak?
Kakak : Mah Mah go, Mah Mah go...... (she meant to say that mah mah has gone out. Both Alycia and my maid normally get frustrated because Alycia does not understand kakak and kakak can't tell Alycia exactly where her mah mah has gone to.)

And I will be like a teacher correcting her broken English all the time. I just don't understand why she does not want to speak to the kids in Malay. Perhaps I should tell her that I will fine her 10 sen for each word of English that she speaks to the kids. If I don't do this, the kids will be picking up horrendous English too.
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