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Monday, June 2, 2008

Our Anniversary Dinner

We celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary on 27th May with a dinner at Seoul Korea Restaurant, my favorite Korean food restaurant.

What I like most about this restaurant is that the appetizers (which are provided FOC if you order a set menu) are really delicious and there is also a wide variety. The appetizers are so much that they are enough to fill you up before the main course arrives.

Sherilyn who has just mastered the skill of holding chopsticks is now taking full advantage of every opportunity to practise her new found skill and I must say that she's really good in using the chopsticks for her age.

See this pair of stainless steel Korean chopsticks that Sher is using here? It's flat and heavy and even I find it difficult to pick food up with the chopsticks but Sher can adeptly use them.

Sherilyn munching on the raw greens like a cow.

While all of us were busy eating, Baby C quietly slept in the stroller. Luckily she did not wake up and cry for my teat teats or poo poo.

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