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Friday, June 20, 2008

Sherilyn Has Homework Too

I can't believe that Sherilyn has been bringing homework home everyday and she's only 3 years old. It's not just 1 page of coloring but 2-3 pages of coloring and her teacher wants the parents to do revision / reading with them at home too. Getting Sherilyn to do her homework is one tall order as my little tough nut just doesn't like to be instructed to do things. I think I will have the patience spending all my time persuading her to do her homework if Sherilyn was my only child. But I have 2 other very demanding kids and Sherilyn is always testing my patience to the limit. Sometimes, her homework gets unfinished and I just let it be. I do not want to threaten her with the cane to force her to complete her homework for it will only make her hate doing homework in future.

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