Health Freak Mommy: Sherilyn Is Breastfeeding Her Baby Too!


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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sherilyn Is Breastfeeding Her Baby Too!

"Mummy.... look at Kay Yi.... she is breastfeeding her baby!" These were the words uttered by Alycia to me yesterday just before I put Alycia and Sherilyn to nap in the afternoon. When I saw what Sherilyn was doing, I just burst out laughing out loud. My goodness, the way she lay on the mattress on her side with Elmo her 'baby' is exactly like mine, when I nurse Baby C. At one point, she even covered her legs with her nappy, just like how I cover mine with my blanket. LOL..... Sher is just an expert in imitating me!

Oh but of course I don't do such a silly act with Baby C!
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