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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sherilyn's First Day Of Pre-School

That's Sherilyn on her first day of pre-school yesterday. Sherilyn and Alycia have polar opposites in terms of their character and disposition. While Alycia cried for 3 days straight on her 1st day of school last year, Sher who was very well prepared for school, having had followed daddy in the car ride to bring cheh cheh to school every morning for the past 1.5 years was very upbeat and excited. She showed no fear or separation anxiety but treated the school like her second home and even cheered up other kids who cried! I did not even accompany her to school as I had to stay home with Baby C. Daddy just brought her into her class, snapped some pix of her in her classsroom and left. Her teacher said she is really outgoing and demanding too.

Sherilyn with Alycia at the porch of the pre-school.

Sherilyn in her classroom. She's the most outgoing kid in her class.
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