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Monday, July 14, 2008

Anti-Fungus, Anti-Bacteria And Non-Toxic Pillow For Kids

Do you know how many of Sherilyn's pillows I have thrown away over the past 1 year? I think I have thrown more than 5 away! If you follow my blog, I'd written that Miss Pukey Sherilyn always pukes at night. There was a period of time where she would puke at night and mess up the bed at 12 midnight at least once a week. Her puking episodes are lesser now but not entire gone. I'd just thrown her pillow away 2 weeks ago when she puked on it at night.

Last week, hubby bought Aly and Sher a new pillow each from Jaya Jusco. The pillow is supposedly anti-fungus, anti-bacteria and non-toxic. It cost RM37.90 each, which I find very costly for a kid's pillow. Had I followed him to shop for the pillow, I'd have chosen one which cost under RM10 coz the pillow will surely end up in the bin soon. Now, I have to wrap Sher's pillow with a plastic changing mat before putting the pillow case over, otherwise, if she pukes on it, sure habis coz latex pillows are not washable and cannot be put under the sun.

What pillows do you kids sleep on?

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