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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Baby C Puked On My Bed Again... Aargh!

Baby C has been REALLY fussy and cranky today. First, she's got a low grade fever resulting from the Pneumococcal jab taken yesterday. Second, her tummy must have felt bloated and uncomfortable as she wasn't able to poo poo fully today. Since birth, she poos big time at least 3-5 times a day but today, she only managed to poo a fist full of poop late in the evening. She's been whining the whole day but luckily, she napped for an hour in the afternoon, so I managed to hurriedly complete 2 assignments when she napped.

When I nursed her before she went to bed at around 10pm, she fussed a little. Whenever she fusses during nursing time, I know she feels uncomfortable. I quickly pulled her away from my teats and as I was about to bring her to the foot of the bed to burb her, she puked big time all over my bed again! I quickly yelled out to Alycia who was already in her bed in the adjoining room (but not asleep yet) to call kakak up to help me. My little keen helper took the opportunity and excuse to go downstairs to call kakak, just so she could avoid going to sleep. See how hyper this brat is. I thought she would be sleepy and tired as she had only taken a short nap in the afternoon and also attended ballet class. When she came back from ballet class at around 8:30pm, she was still bursting with energy..... and had another round of dinner!
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