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Saturday, July 5, 2008

iPod For Me

Yesterday, I had a good half an hour workout on my trampoline. I had wanted to bring Baby C out jogging with me in the morning but it started to drizzle. So I did some running and jumping on my trampoline with Baby C facing me strapped in the stroller. Thank God she just sat there quietly and behaved herself without fussing and whining. But I find working out on my trampoline rather monotonous. I prefer to go out for a run and get a dose of Vitamin D from the sunlight too. Perhaps I should get myself an ipod so that I can listen to my favorite songs while I work out on the trampoline. I didn’t know that there are so many types of ipods until my group of teenage cousins showed me their ipods – which ranged from ipod Nano, ipod Touch, ipod Classic and much more. I’m really way behind when it comes to gizmos!
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