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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

It Sure Feels Good To Exercise Again

I resumed my first jogging session yesterday. I had only wanted to bring Baby C out for a morning walk to get some Vitamin D from the morning sun but after a while, my legs felt itchy and I started jogging.... only in my mil's Crocs slippers whilst pushing Baby C in the stroller. It was only for a short 15 minutes as I felt uncomfortable jogging in a pair of flip flops. Today I did it again, for a mere 15-20minute jog up and downhill which was really a breath-catching and onerous task. Plus, the scorching 9ish morning sun shining on me and Baby C made me cut short the session. When I came home, the gush of adrenalin flowing through my body made me feel so good. For exactly a year, I have not had my skin drenched in sweat and today, I felt so good having hot sweat dribbling down my head and body. But I really need to buy a better stroller, preferably a jogger or a stroller where I can place Baby C facing me. I saw one which I really liked the other day. It was a McLaren and has all the features that hubby and I are looking for BUT the price tag made our jaw drop - it costs a whopping RM2k! Well, if I can find a taker to buy the stroller at half price in 3 years' time, I would gladly buy it.
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