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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Healthy Food For Little Tummies

It's quite difficut to get Alycia and Sherilyn to eat fruits at times, especially Miss Fussy Eater Sherilyn. Sher would take forever to finish eating a slice of fruit and most times, she can't even finish a slice of apple, pear or guava. Yesterday, I woke up late and only had about 5 minutes to pack some food in their lunch boxes. Since Alycia had just recovered from a throat infection, I decided to pack something healthy for her - fruits. So I hurriedly took out my My Melody bread/cookie cutter and sliced up some pears and cut out a My Melody shaped pear for Alycia and Sher each. The face did not quite appear clearly on the sliced pear and the pear had also turned brown. But never mind, the gals were happy to see a My Melody shaped pear in their little lunch boxes....for the first time. I also skewered some green grapes onto a fruit pick. I was surprised that both gals returned with an empty lunch box.... and they requested for the same menu for the next day's lunch box! See, even kids want their food to look good!

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