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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Poor Baby C Can't Get To Nap

Poor Baby C didn't get to nap the whole day today. It's always the case during weekends when Alycia and Sherilyn are at home. These 2 brats will be screaming, laughing, fighting and turning the house upside down. The house will be so noisy that it is really impossible to fall asleep. Baby C has been trying to nap but each time she had drifted into lala land, her 2 older sisters would wake her up. As a result, Baby C has been really restless, fussy and cranky the whole day. She wanted to latch on the whole day, wanted to be carried and wanted to be talked to the whole day. I did not even have the opportunity to really sit down in front of my PC to work. I had to carry her with my left hand and type with only 1 finger with my right hand. And the worst part is I've sprained both my hands and shoulders during the fall this morning whilst I was jogging. I think my hands would hurt even more tomorrow.
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