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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Soy Milk For A 24-Hour Milking Mum

That's my supply of soy milk. I drink at least 2 glasses a day to increase my calcium, protein and Omega intake. Additionally, I drink a glass of skim milk and eat a cup of low fat yoghurt everyday. I need these drinks to ensure that my breast milk is thick, so that Baby C gets a fuller feeling after each feed.

Soyfresh low sugar soy milk.

Unisoy instant organic sugar-free soy milk. This is by far the best instant soy milk I have tasted and the texture is also the best. Most instant soy milk or soy protein powder that I bought in the past cannot dissolve completely in water but the one by Unisoy can be dissolved completely as the soy beans have been de-husked / skin removed prior to being blended into soy powder. Unisoy is made in Singapore and costs RM15+ for 12 packets.
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