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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Baby C 'Eats' Her Fruits

If you have a baby, it's really a good idea that you buy a food feeder to feed your baby food and fruits, to prevent choking. Read how Baby C ate her apple from a food feeder at my other blog.

Dinner At Prince Hotel

We had dinner at the Chinese Restaurant of Prince Hotel on Sunday with hubby's relatives. There is currently a 50% discount off ala carte menus promotion going on.

We ordered a whole Peking duck and had the duck eaten in 2 varieties. First, we ate the crispy duck skin with spring onions and sweet sauce wrapped with an egg sheet. The duck meat was then used to cook stir-fried noodles.

Yam basket, which was very tasty.

Sweet and spicy diced chicken breast on hot plate.

Grilled cod fish

and 2 varieties of stir-fried veggie.

The desserts were really good. We had mango pudding with mango sauce, sago and shaved ice,

Kwai leng koa (Herbal jelly) with fresh sea coconut and sago.

And this is one of the tastiest desserts I had ever eaten - white almond milk double boiled in a young coconut, served with 'lui sar tong yuen' (black sesame seed paste filled glutinous rice balls)

This bowl of carbo tasty heavenly. Anyone would just forget about their diet plan and bulging belly when they taste this! I want more now!!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Sherilyn And Baby C

Last week, Sherilyn skipped school for several days as she had a bad runny nose with lotsa worm-like goo shooting out and a chesty cough. When she was at home, it was hard to separate her from Baby C coz Sher is really fond of her baby sister. Anyway, Sher still touched her baby sister and when I wasn't looking, even kissed baby :S

When I was busy with other chores, Sher helped me entertain Baby C by singing to her...

... and Baby C simply adores Sherilyn cheh cheh too. In fact, she really loves to be in the company of both her cheh chehs. She would give me a wide grin whenever she hears her 2 boisterous sisters' voice, laughter and screams when she had just gotten up from her nap. She would also squeal and scream to draw her sisters' attention. It is really heart-warming to see the 3 girls enjoying each other's company.

Baby, crawl to cheh cheh... come on....

On a side note, we had a sumptuous dinner at Prince Hotel last night. I had one of the best desserts I have ever tasted! Go check out my other blog to find out!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Video Of Baby C Crawling

Here's a video of Baby C crawling to reach out for her toy recorded on my digital camera 2 days ago :


Simple To Prepare Cucumber Appetiser

We were served with this cold Japanese cucumber dish as appetiser at Tin Tai Fung Chinese Restaurant the other day. Though cucumber is quite a tasteless food, the way this dish was prepared made the cucumber really tasty. The sliced cucumbers tasted sweet, a tad spicy and aromatic (from the sesame seed oil), cold, crunchy and whet one's appetite easily. I think the ingredients used to marinate the sliced cucumbers are sesame seed oil, a dash of salt, some fried garlic and some red cut chillies... and in go the sliced cucumbers into the fridge. This appetiser is best served chilled. I am going to try this dish coz it's not fattening, is quite a healthy dish and fills you up too!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

My Little Bathroom Singer

My brat told me the other day that she wanted to poo poo, so I brought her to the bathroom downstairs and I went back to the living room to be with Baby C. I could hear Sher singing away and I wasn't surprise coz she has always been an avid singer. When she told me she was finished with her poopie business, I went to the bathroom and saw her holding the water faucet and singing away like this :

This brat had in the past spoilt the water faucets and shower faucets in our bathrooms downstairs and upstairs countless times. This brat of mine is ever full of energy and ideas. Even when she does her business or takes her shower, she can't sit or stand still and must surely be up to something to keep herself entertained and occupied!

Alycia's First Ballet Concert

After 8 months of ballet lessons, Alycia will be participating in her first ballet concert tomorrow. I have to wake my poor baby up at 8am on a Sunday morning and get her all ready and dressed up and she has to reach the ballet studio by 8:30am. The teachers will then put on make-up for the ballerinas and other performers. There will be another round of rehearsal before the actual concert starts at 10am. I really want to watch my baby perform in her maiden concert, her very first time performing in a concert and I am sure she will look really cute in her ballet costume but it's just too troublesome to bring Baby C along. I am very sure other parents will be annoyed when Baby C fusses or cries in the studio. So I'll just have to give it a pass this time and make hubby snap lots of pictures of my baby's first concert!

Paranoid of Made In China Food Products

Today I threw away a few packets of biscuits that an aunt bought for the girls from the pasar malam (night market) last week coz I think those biscuits had milk in them. I am not taking any chances after reading so much news on the milk powder scare in China. Before eating or drinking anything now, I will check the packaging thoroughly to ensure that the product is not made in China. Alycia came home from school today with a party pack consisting of biscuits, crackers and other junk food. I threw away a few items when I saw the dreaded words "made in China"! Am I too paranoid? Well, better paranoid and be safe than sorry, right?

Oh yeah, my brothers and I ate quite a bit of the 'White Rabbit' milk candies when we were young more than 2 decades ago. How we loved those candies with edible papers. O_o, I just hope that the manufacturer did not taint those candies with melamine then!

Also, Alycia and Sherilyn ate loads of Baby Bites rice crackers a few years ago and I read from one of the mummy's blogs yesterday that Baby Bites were made in China and had milk in them! Sei hmm sei!! I just hope that Baby Bites aren't tainted with melamine as well.

No Freaking Idea How To Handle My Car

I am really hopeless when it comes to handling a car. All I know is how to drive it around but when my car breaks down, I will have no freaking idea what is wrong. I know I should at least know how to change a tyre or handle a power steering rack or know where the radiator is but I have not a slightest interest in them. After all, I will just call my man on my mobile phone to come to my rescue or dial the hotline of AAM if ever my car breaks down.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Tiny But Powerful

I was really amazed when I first saw the world’s smallest removable storage module – the micro sd TransFlash Mobile Memory Card used for expanding the memory capacity for mobile phones. It only measures 15 x 11 x 1 mm (L x W x D) and can be inserted into an adapter and used in other SD-enabled devices. Amazing isn’t it? So tiny yet so powerful! I want to get one for my mobile phone too when it’s available in our country later.

Guess What This Is

Wanna make a wild guess on what this is?

My 2 kay poh chees (nosey parker) having fun with this little gadget.

Give up? Hop over to my other blog to find out.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Baby C Trying To Crawl

It looks as though Baby C is another hyper-active and adventurous baby, just like her 2 older sisters. Whenever she's awake, she prefers to be on the gym mat, trying to do all sorts of stunts. For the past 1 week or so, she has been trying to get up on all fours to crawl..... and boy, she really does look cute!

On your marks, get set......... GO.....

I can do push-ups too...

... and I like to turn my body at a 45 degree angle to see what's going on around me, hehehe.....

The urine culture test which came out yesterday showed a moderate growth of E Coli and Klabsiella bacteria in Baby C's urine again :(. However, our paed nephrologist is not too keen to inject her with painful antibiotics jabs again. She ordered a repeat urine culture test on Friday (tomorrow) and will decide on the next course of action from there. Oh God, please whatever it is, just spare Cassandra from further pain and torture!

My Baby Can Sit!

Yes she can. My little tough cookie can sit today! Read more here.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I Hope It's Not Another UTI

Will be bringing Baby C to the hospital this morning to have Dr Indon get a clean sample of her urine via insertion of a catheter.... sigh.... another painful and traumatic time for my poor baby! The FEME urine test done 2 days ago showed that there are 8-10 WBCs in baby's urine and the initial urine culture test yesterday showed that there's growth of some bacteria in the urine but the actual growth of bacteria is not known yet as the culture will only be ready today. So the best is to bring Baby C to have a clean sample of her urine taken for an accurate result.

Wish us luck. I am mentally prepared to have Baby C undergo a surgery to fix her urinary system so that she does not have to suffer anymore UTI attacks. Everyday is like a nightmare for me for the past 3.5 months and I just hope I can put all these behind me soon.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Bad Hair Days

10 out of 10 people who meet Baby C for the first time will surely comment on her hair - that she has thick hair, black luscious hair and soft hair. I think she takes after hubs coz I don't have thick, black luscious hair. Baby C has so much hair that she sweats easily. Sometimes, her hair will look really funny when she wakes up from her nap, like this :

like a punk... doing push-ups....

" yo dude... so what say you bout my hair huh?"

Punk baby - a smug look with a satisfied smile....

Monday, September 22, 2008

Our New Home

Alycia, Sherilyn and I finally got a chance to see our new condo unit last night. My over-protective hubby had all the while forbade me to bring Baby C to the condo as the place is dusty from all the renovation works going on. He didn't want the gals to inhale the dust and smell the new paints. Yesterday we were at the pool-side of the condo for a party. Since we were there and since Baby C was snuggly fast asleep in her pram, we quickly hurried up to our unit. Alycia and Sher were excited to see their new home and said that it looks like a hotel! I do agree with them and the gals can't wait to move into our new home. Very soon, the gals can swim in the pool everyday and I can use the gym too! Our unit faces the swimming pool and has a very good view of the KL Towers and KLCC!

At the pool side of our condo last night.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Weaning Sherilyn Off Diapers During Nap Time

As I had expected, it has been really difficult to wean Sherilyn off diapers during the afternoon nap. I had a tough time potty-training her when she was 2 yo. For Alycia, it was a breeze potty-training her and weaning her off diapers, both during nap time and night time. It was also very easy to wean Alycia off the pacifier and it only took her 3-4 days to get over her pacifier.

With Sherilyn, it's tough. The first day, there wasn't any pee accident. Second day, she peed in her pants. Third day, she wore diaper to nap. The fourth day, no pee accident. Fifth day, pee accident again ..... and she would pee in her pants every other day though I had made sure she peed before she napped. She even peed in her pants half an hour after she had peed in the toilet. It's already 2 weeks since I ditched the diaper but she's still peeing in her pants during her nap. Many times I just felt like giving up and just put her on the diaper but I keep telling myself that I should not regress but should put in a little more effort. If I give up, both of us would have to go back to square one and start all over again. Hopefully over time, Sher would have learnt to control her bladder even during her sleep. Oh gawd, it's so tiring having to train Sher and take care of an extra clingy baby.... a baby whom I have to ensure that her diaper is changed after every pee to prevent another UTI. God help me please!!

Baby C Loves Watching 'Your Baby Can Read' VCD

Baby C engrossed watching her favorite VCD. Read on here.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Feeding Baby C Apple Juice + Cranberry Juice + Probiotics

That's how I make apple juice for Baby C, freshly grated. Our paed said that apple is the most allergy-free fruit, so I started feeding her with apple juice since last week. She likes the apple juice plain but when I added cranberry juice and probiotics powder to it, she hates it! But I still force it down her throat everyday coz our nephrologist said that cranberry juice is good in preventing UTI and probiotics is to promote good bacteria in her guts, so my poor baby has to gulp down this yucky stuff everyday :(

And I reward her by letting her suck on an apple!

Tea For Two

Last Friday, we had dinner at Tea For Two @ Bangsar. Hubby had intended to bring us to Opus @ Bangsar, a place that serves very good pastas and spaghetti but when we arrived, it was full. We did not expect this restaurant to be full on a Friday night, that's why hubby did not make any reservation. We then walked a few shops down to Tea For Two, a restaurant that serves Western food.

Here's what we ordered :

Fish and chips - nothing to shout about.


Spaghetti for the kids.

Baked cod fish.

I like how their green tea was served - in a very cute teapot under flame with 2 tiny cups.

Hubby's sirloin steak.

My salad - with lots of olives and grilled chicken breast. The salad was served in a really large glass bowl which resembled a sink!

Mushroom soup for the kids.

My oxtail soup - very good. The meat was very tender and flavorful.

Prawn and avocado salad.

For dessert, we ordered Tiramisu in a cup which tasted heavenly! It has lots of rum and was very moist and smooth. We also ordered a strawberry jelly with whipped cream and I did not quite fancy that.

There were 7 adults and 2 kids and the total bill came up to RM500+. Quite costly eh?


When I brought Baby C to the hospital yesterday to see our nephrologist and surgeon, I saw a lady with her daughter when I past by the chemotherapy unit. Her little girl had leukemia and she wore a bright sun hat to cover her balding head. She also wore a face mask with cartoon prints on it and she held on to a doll. Though she had leukemia, she appeared cheerful, albeit she was really skinny and appeared frail. I really sympathize with her and her mum and I hope that she will be able to overcome her leukemia. I am thankful that Baby C’s condition is not as serious as those suffering from leukemia or mesothelioma. Mesothelioma is a serious cancer that occurs in individuals exposed to asbestos. Patients stricken with mesothelioma would normally engage a Mesothelioma lawyer to help them litigate their case to seek compensation from those responsible for causing them to be exposed to asbestos.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Alycia And Baby C

Alycia adores Baby C to bits, from the day she first saw her up until today and fortunately, Baby C loves being in her cheh cheh's company too. Hopefully they will always be that close and share a special bond, for the rest of their lives. Read the rest of the story here.