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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

More Mouth-Watering Food From Penang

This is by far the 'bestest' apam I've ever eaten :

Coconut-Banana-Sweet Corn Apam. It's super soft and fluffy, has generous amounts of eggs (which makes the apam soft and fragrant), santan, grated coconut, bananas and sweet corn. I can easily tuck into 5 apams at one go and yet not feel jelak or full. I'm already missing the apam and craving for them now!

... and this old man makes them and sells them on his cart along Jalan Burmah. There are 2 carts selling apam along Jalan Burmah and both tastes just as good. I really wonder how this man makes profits when the apam he sells only costs 30 sen each. And yes, he uses his bare hands to make the apam and packs them for you, if you don't mind. And Lord knows what he did before he touches the apam and packs them lol! But hey, what the heck, that's one of the reasons why hawkers' food always taste so good because of all the 'kar liu' (added ingredients) muahahahah!

And this delicious pandan kaya from Rainforest Bakery & Pastry at Chulia Lane is one of the best I've ever tasted. The kaya is really rich in eggs and so tasty that I always eat it on its own, the way I would eat ice-cream. Hubby bought the kaya for me during my 3-week stay in the hospital with Baby in May. When we were in Penang last week, I asked him to get me another tub. I had wanted to get 3-4 more tubs before we left for Ipoh/KL but we forgot all about it.

The bread and buns at Rainforest are also tasty and free from preservatives, so said the person who sold them to hubby. This bakery makes marvelous artisan breads and the first thing you see on entering is the shelves stacked with loaves of all shapes and sizes, offering Baguette, Ciabatta, English Blommers, Farmhouse, Mixed Grains, Rye, Wholemeal and pastries.

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