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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Cup Cakes From CupCake Chic @ The Curve

The hubs bought some cupcakes from The CupCake Chic @ The Curve the other day. The cup cakes are not the typical 'dumb blonde' cup cakes which are prettily decorated and in bright colored cream. The cup cakes from CupCake Chic are creamed quite simply with minimal colors, which is something that I prefer. 'Dumb Blonde' cup cakes are pretty to look at but frankly, would you actually eat the cream and decor on the cup cake? I would never. Food coloring and sugar are your body's immune system's enemy. Yup, I'm a real health freak mom and I rarely allow my gals to eat the colorful cream and icing of a cake.

Anyway, I didn't eat the cream on these cup cakes. I scraped the cream away and only ate the cake, which tasted good. I'm really not a 'Dumb Blonde' cup cake person. I still prefer the old fashion muffins and cakes, free from cream, sweet icing and decor, hehe. No offense to those who bake 'Dumb Blonde' cup cakes and cakes k? Don't mean to rain on your parade. If you give me a box of Dumb Blonde cup cakes, I would still go "oooo ahhhh" and get carried away. I would still eat the cake, minus the icing and cream. I am a cake person anyway.

CupCake Chic is located at the ground floor of The Curve. You can visit their website at
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