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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Disney Princess Pasta And Organic Veggie Pasta

My 3 gals love pasta and spaghetti to bits. If I would allow, they would not mind eating pasta and spaghetti everyday. It's easy and quick to prepare and there's fuss-free eating from them, all 3 of them. I normally cook a huge pot of minced beef, chicken or pork sauce for the pasta / spaghetti and store them in separate containers in the freezer.

I cooked pasta again yesterday - Disney Princess pasta (which sil bought from Hong Kong) for my 2 older gals and organic veggie pasta in the shape of tiny flowers for Baby (bought from Village Grocer, Bangsar Village).

Disney Princess pasta and organic tiny flower pasta made from beet root, spinach, durum wheat semolina and pure barley powder. The tiny flower pasta is so tiny that I don't need to cut them up. Baby who has only 3.5 teeth can swallow them without much effort chewing the pasta.

First, boil the Princess pasta. Scoop out the pasta from the pot with a siever when the pasta is soft. Then, throw in the organic tiny flower pasta into the pot of still boiling water and cook till soft.

The minced beef cooked with tomatoes, big onions and pasta sauce which I had cooked a few days earlier and frozen. Here, I only reheated the sauce in a non-stick pan.

Once the sauce is boiling, pour the Princess pasta back into the pan and mix well. You can toss in some grated Parmesan or Mozarella cheese.

Here's the Disney Princess pasta for my princess wannabe...

Baby's organic tiny flower pasta, with minced beef all cut up into really tiny bits. She loved it so much that she whacked the entire bowl clean! I did not mix her pasta into the pot of sauce. I only scooped up a few teaspoonfulls of sauce and mixed it with the pasta in her bowl.

I also made some tomato omelette for my gals for that extra protein, DHA and nutrients. My 3 gals love tomatoes. They love anything cooked with tomatoes.

There you go, another wholesome and well-balanced meal for growing toddlers. Oh yes, I also squeezed some fresh orange juice for my 3 gals to wash down their lunch.

Tonight, I'm cooking tomato fried chicken for my gals!
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