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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD)

Do these symptoms sound familiar to you? :

1) You have a strong desire to increase the amount of time spent using the internet.
2) Withdrawal symptoms – when the amount of time spent on the internet is reduced or ceased, you feel agitated, anxious, has obsessive thinking of the internet, fantasies or dreams of the internet, and voluntary or involuntary typing movements.
3) Using internet more often or longer than intended.
4) Unsuccessful attempt to cut down internet usage.
5) Considerably large amount of time spent on internet activities.
6) There is cessation of or reduced social, occupational, or recreational activities because of internet use.
7) You persistently and continuously use the internet despite the knowledge of the risk of losing social relationships.

If you have any of these symptoms, chances are you are suffering from internet addiction disorder (IAD). These are the diagnostic criteria for IAD as listed out by the American Psychiatric Association.

Before I had Baby C, I had many of the above symptoms. I spent more than 8 hours on the computer on most days, mostly to work on my paid posts and to surf the internet. I was earning quite a comfortable income from writing paid posts. Well, those days are now long gone. These days, I am lucky if I get an hour of uninterrupted time on the computer. I think if it wasn’t because of the global recession (which affected the advertisers too) and if I hadn’t have Baby C, I would need treatment for my IAD because all my family members were complaining of my addiction hahaha! These days, there are many websites that offer treatments and support groups for those who are suffering from IAD, similar to those of a drug rehab.

So tell me, do you sound like one who has IAD?
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