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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Low Sugar Mooncake And Super Soft And Light Cheesecake

A friend gave us a box of low-sugar mooncakes from Tai Thong Restaurant last week.

This green one is low-sugar lotus paste with mint. The minty flavor gives me a cool feeling in the mouth as I chew on the mooncake.

This one is low-sugar lotus paste with lemon. In case you are wondering why this lemon flavored mooncake is cut so horribly, that's because my 2 older monkeys kept cutting and poking it with a butter knife when I wasn't looking! The green mint mooncake was totally ruined by them with the knife!

Verdict : I would not buy these 2 flavors again!

Though it's called low-sugar, I still find the mooncakes too sweet for my liking. I still prefer the 'cee cai peng' (mooncake pastry, without any sweet filling, baked in the shape of a piglet encased inside a pig basket). I would also eat mooncakes with lots of nuts, seeds and bacon. That's less fattening (though still fattening) and at least there're some protein and calcium (from the nuts and seeds) in the mooncake, instead of eating a piece of empty calorie fattening cake.

This is my all-time favorite super soft and light cheesecake from RT Pastry & Bakery, my favorite bakery that sells really delicious cakes, buns, breads, tarts and pastries. We go to this bakery every week and once you're in there (especially if you haven't taken you lunch / dinner), that's it... you're bound to put everything you see on the tray coz everything looks so tempting!

This cheesecake tastes exactly the same as the Miki Ojisan No Mise Japanese cheesecake and costs way cheaper than it. I can whack this entire cake myself in just 3 days! That's why I have to pull myself up from bed at 6am everyday to run. I am not ready to give up all my favorite sinful food and follow a weight loss diet just yet!
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