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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Lunch At Hongkie Kopitiam @ Auto City

Before heading to St. Anne's Church at Bukit Mertajam to give thanks 2 weeks ago, we stopped at the Auto City at Juru, Penang for a very late lunch at around 3pm. We were all really famished and ordered many items. Here they are for you to salivate again, hehe :)

Stir-fried beef koay teow - tasty but a tad too salty...

Fried rice - tasty but also too salty for a health freak like moi...

My chicken chop platter with fried sausages and french fries, which I shared with my maid. All the set meals come with a soup and a piece of really thick toast with garlic butter...

My Hong Kong 'lai char' (tea with milk), minus the sugar and sweetened condensed milk. Very 'kau' and rich with evaporated milk. Uummmm, iLike! I could have drank another cup and I almost wanted to order the almond lai char.

Super thick white toast with garlic butter. The toasts went really well with the Hong Kong lai char. Most of the set meals come with this toast. Nice but really jelly-belly friendly, hah!

The hubs' 'pak kopi peng' (chilled white coffee) - nice, very 'kau' and refreshing. Just look at the froth, yummy!

Hubby's steak with lots of french fries, sweet corn and tomatoes - nice.

We were all quite satisfied with our meals. It would be good if the food is cooked with less salt. We won't mind coming back to this restaurant in our next trip. This time, I want to try their other 'lai char' ala Hong Kong style that comes in many flavors and styles.
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