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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Our Sunday

On Sunday, we brought our maid to Paya Serai Coffee House @ PJ Hilton for lunch. That's our treat for her on Hari Raya. Despite what she is, we still bought her a nice lunch. Hopefully she felt touched and will change over a new leaf.

Joining us for lunch were my brother and his wife who came up from Singapore and also Jeff and Shir Lin, Joshua's daddy and mummy. Jeff and Shir Lin were previously Alycia and Sherilyn's volunteer Sunday School teachers at our church. They are now staying in Singapore. I kept yakking and yakking with them so much that I had forgotten to snap some pix. Joshua is such a cutie. Though younger than Baby C by 5 months, he looks like the kor kor as he's tall and chubby, towering over Baby C!

Shir Lin also bought these gifts for my gals:

Animal biscuits from Organix and 2 hard cover books for Baby. The panda book is really cute. At the squeeze of the panda's nose, there will be a squeaky sound, which Baby really likes.

Some cool stickers for Alycia and Sherilyn's room....

Shir Lin also gave me a tub of Organix beef with parsnip mash for Baby to try as this is not available in KL. The next time my brother comes to KL, he'll get a few tubs for Baby. This is such a convenient and tasty fast food for toddlers and great when dining out or traveling.

Thanks Shir Lin for all the gifts. We hope to see you guys in December!
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