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Friday, September 4, 2009

A Saturday Afternoon Without #2

Saturday afternoons are now pretty quiet without #2 as she would be off attending her ballet lesson. This is what we did on one Saturday afternoon without #2. I could spend some time reading all the books that Alycia had wanted to read without distraction from #2. Alycia fished out all the story books that she had longed to read and made me read with her the entire book of about 5 books. Whilst I read to her, Baby played inside the room which I had had the door locked and the bathroom door closed. The moment #2 returned home, the house was abuzz again with this chatterbox talking nineteen to the dozen, singing, screaming, whining and complaining lol! Listening to #2 whine can really cause wrinkles on my eyes and face and I think soon, I will need to apply eye wrinkle cream to get rid of those crow's feet lines at the corner of my eyes lol!

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