Health Freak Mommy: Video Of Baby C Climbing Up Sofa


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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Video Of Baby C Climbing Up Sofa


Here's a video of Baby climbing up the sofa shot yesterday evening, this time with the aid of an Ikea stool. She always climbs up the sofa without any aid but yesterday, she discovered that with the aid of a stool, it was so, so, so much more fun and faster. Once up the stool, she sort of dived onto the sofa lol! She did that (up and down the sofa) over and over again for almost an hour and I just stood behind her like her bodyguard, with an aching back. When I took the stool away and told her to climb up the sofa, she got angry and threw a little tantrum, then went to fetch the stool herself.

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