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Friday, September 4, 2009

What Water Do You Feed Your Kids With When You Travel?

Though most hotels provide a small kettle in the room to facilitate you to boil water for tea and coffee making, I am not sure if the water that flows out of the tap in the bathroom is filtered. I wonder if these hotels install water filters in their buildings. Even if they do install a huge water filter at the main water source, I am not sure if there is another smaller water filter installed inside the kitchens of the restaurants. When I was in Penang with the kids recently, I had reservations giving my gals water that I boiled using the kettle from our room.

During breakfast each morning, I politely asked the waitress at the coffee house to fill up my gals’ water tumblers and milk bottle with warm water. I suppose drinking water from the restaurants in the hotel is filtered and boiled. For those of you with babies and toddlers, when you travel with them on vacations, what drinking water do you feed them with? Do you feed them with bottled mineral water directly from the bottle (unboiled), or do you boil water in your hotel room using the water from the bathroom or do you boil bottled mineral water? The next time I go on vacation with my kids, I think I’ll buy bottled drinking water and boil them using the kettle provided by the hotel in our room, just to be safe.
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