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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Driving Me Bonkers

Yesterday, I felt like someone had just stabbed the back of my shoulder blade with a knife. Alycia and Sherilyn wanted to eat ice-cream. After cutting the Magnum ice-cream into 2 pieces for them to share, some of the chocolate coating fell on the floor. As I was squatting down to clean up the mess on the floor, rascal #2 opened the drawer to get a spoon. I was right under the drawer. When I stood up, my back hit the sharp corner of the drawer and I yelled out in pain. I was screaming away in pain and fuming mad that rascal #2 opened the drawer despite seeing mummy right under the drawer. It was darn painful and felt like someone had just scraped my skin with a knife! Alycia quickly took a tissue to wipe the blood off and rascal #2 was corroded with guilt. I was really mad with rascal #2 for opening the drawer despite seeing me right under it but I knew it was merely an accident. But yet, I was angry coz my shoulder blade was burning with pain. I was already having a terrible back pain (I still think I am having a mild slipped disc. Will check out the doctor for an x-ray today) and with that stab on my shoulder, I felt terrible.

Minutes later after she had finished her ice-cream, rascal #2 balanced a melamine plate on her arm by stretching out her arm and put the plate on top of the arm. Of course the plate dropped immediately and broke into pieces. Kek sei ngor!! This fella is driving me bonkers!.

My bare skin was scraped off by the sharp corner of the drawer, like skin of an apple scraped off by a fruit peeler *OUCH*!!

My back hit the sharp corner of this drawer.
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