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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Lazy To Pee

Rascal #2 has a habit of holding back her wee wee whenever she is too engrossed in playing, watching TV or having fun. When she has accidents in her pants, this fella will give silly, real silly excuses. One time she peed in her jammies when she was first weaned off diapers at night. After she had peed in her pants, she woke up and then nonchalantly walked to the bathroom and said "I feel hot, I want to take out my pants" but gave me the guilt + embarassed stricken look on her face. She just won't admit that she had wet her pants. Yesterday again she peed in her pants. After the pee accident, she walked to the bathroom nonchalantly again and said "mummy, my panty is a bit wet".

"Did you wee wee in your pants?" I asked? "No I didn't, a bit wet only". I asked her once more if she had peed in her pants to which she replied "no I didn't, the urine came out by itself!" Aaaargh... why is it so hard to admit your mistake girl??! Kek sei ngor lor!!
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