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Monday, June 28, 2010

Maid Stories Again

My helper is always driving me crazy with the things that she does. Just a moment ago, I told her to prepare 'york choy tong' (herbal soup). I took out a packet of herbal mixture and left it on the kitchen counter top. I also told her to cut up some onions, carrots and tomatoes so that I can cook spaghetti for lunch today. She has been doing these for me for the past 2 years+. When I checked on her just now, I got a shock when I opened the lid of the pot. I saw all the onions, carrots and tomatoes inside the pot of herbal soup!!! Freaking mad coz when I told her, she kept saying 'ya ya ya' and she had done this umpteen times!! Now, she is fishing out all the tomatoes, carrots and onions from the pot of soup. I don't know if I can still re-cycle the tomatoes, carrots and onions and cook spaghetti with them! Darn mad with her now.
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