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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Our Stay In Penang

The 2nd post-surgery ultrasound scan of Baby's right kidney went well today. You can read all about it here.

Baby has been super duper cranky today. It all started when she got up at 6am this morning and didn't go back to sleep until 11:30am when she was in the car. She slept for 1.5 hours throughout the journey to Penang. Throughout the day, she has been very edgy and picking up fights and quarels with her 2 jie jies. I tell you, this bossy fella is the fiercest among my 3 girls and is a real fighter cock! While waiting in the car for our apam to be ready (we always have to wait at least half an hour for this famous Guan Apam at Burmah Road), Baby was crabby and picked up a big fight with Alycia. Long story cut short, once back at the hotel, it was a torture for my helper and I to feed her milk or any other liquid. She only wanted to eat the apam and gobbled down 3 whole apams!

At night, she kept fussing and whining and said "I dowan this bed, I want to go home" After coaxing her, she is now sound asleep. It is really a handful handling 3 kids on a holiday, 2 of which are forever so whiny and full of demands. I am drop dead exhausted and sleepy now. I can barely open my eyes but I have to update this blog before I see cobwebs appearing in the blog! Plus I have an important advertorial to complete for an advertiser. What a holiday!
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