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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Persuaded To Go For A Holiday

Before we left for Penang, we had to persuade and coax Alycia to follow us to Penang. When she reached my parents in Ipoh, she was very much at home and kept telling us how much she liked it in Ipoh at her granny’s and grandpa’s. She insisted that she did not want to follow us to Penang. Daddy wasn’t too happy with that. Nothing that daddy or I said would make her change her mind. It was granny who managed to talk her into following us. I asked Alycia what she liked about granny and grandpa’s house and she gave us a long list – the bicycles, the kid’s wading pool, the contemporary furniture, the strolls along the hillside every morning and everything about Ipoh. Kids these days are really privileged. They even have to be persuaded to go for a holiday!
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