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Friday, June 25, 2010

Random Pix - School Holidays

These pix were taken during the school term break recently. My 2 older girls were helping me wrap up a parcel for my customer who lives in Germany. It was my first order from Europe. I used 2 pieces of gift wrappers, wrapped inside out. The clothes were put in a clean shoe box.

Alycia modeling the new Zara Kids dress that I bought for her. This dress was a big hit in my online shop - Old And New Stuff For Sale and all the sizes were sold out. This fella only likes dresses with collar and sleeves. She prefers jeans and tees. She is really conservative and unadventurous and has not-so-impeccable taste in her clothes, unlike Sherilyn who is one lil fashionista and likes girlish stuff, pink, Princess and all things nice and pretty.

Since I am on Alycia, this girl has been telling me how her partner - Adam (a handsome Malay boy who sits with her in class) has been following her everywhere in school! They share food during recess and 'loan' each other things - mechanical pencil, pens, et al. Alycia told me that Adam even wanted to loan her his PS2! And she was badgering and 'threatening' me to get a PS2 for her, else she will take it from Adam *slap forehead*

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