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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Terror Maid

I have been so busy with my online store that I have been getting my helper to feed Baby more and more these days. Baby is getting more and more restless these days and it's a torture to get her to drink water. Sadly, it's only when I flash the cane and threaten to beat her that she will take only sips of water. My helper does not have the patience to coax Baby to drink water. Many times, she had hit Baby when she fidgeted too much, refused to drink and spilled water. I went ballistic when she hit Baby on the chin the other day, to punish her for spilling water. Yet, she blatantly denied hitting Baby. But Baby is not a baby anymore. She ran to me bawling and said "kakak beat me, kakak beat me" and when I asked her "beat where", she pointed to her chin and said "here". The same thing happened last week when she hit Baby on the mouth. I can't wait for this lady to return to Indon for good. I hope I can cope without her.
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