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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Canton-I Restaurant @ Gardens, Mid Valley

We had lunch at Canton-I Restaurant at Gardens, Mid Valley yesterday. Canton-I serves very good dim sum and Hong Kong cuisine. The food is supposedly MSG-free, pork is free from beta-agonist, only low cholesterol eggs are used and rice bran oil is used. Well, this is what was written in their menu.

We ordered our favorite 'lau chup pau' (once broken, hot duck's eggs custard will ooze out from the purple pau) and this Hong Kong style layer cake.

Sei kwai tau (Four-Season beans), iLike this dish. Deep fried crispy anchovies are stir-fried with the french beans.

Roast meat with salted peanuts...

Roast goose drumstick (siew ngor pei), wanton mein and yau char kwai. The yau char kwai was very crispy and went well with the abalone-prawn-chicken porridge. I love the porridge as the consistency is super smooth. I think the porridge was blended to get such smooth consistency.

Siew Mai...

and there were also a plate of seafood fried rice, HK style chee cheong fun, a big bowl of seafood porridge and a plate of stir-fried lobak koa (stir fried radish). Food was so much that we could not finish and had to take away the left over, which we ate for dinner.

Canton-I's business philosophy on food freshness and quality...

Canton-I is located near Din Tai Foong, which is also our other favorite Hong Kong style restaurant.

I would rate the food at Canton-I 9/10. Be sure to go there early, otherwise be assured to join in the long queue outside the restaurant.
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