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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Homecooked Dishes

My mil cooked these for dinner several nights ago:

Fried fish with tomato sauce and big onions....

Blanched broccoli with egg sauce (eggs and fresh golden needle mushrooms)...

Japanese cucumbers with Japanese salad sauce (sesame & Yuzu citrus dressing). This Japanese salad sauce goes very well with all type of greens ...

Vegetarian fragrant fried rice. This flavorful fried rice is made up of all the fragrant plants - chopped lemon grass, chopped 'fhat foong kum yeep' (fragrant lime leaves), 'keong fah' (chopped ginger flower), maize, diced carrots and shallots. Very nice!

And there was a pot of good soup boiled using pig's big bone marrow, lotus root and lotus root seeds...

The meat from the bone marrow is very very tender and flavorful and my girls love sucking on the bone!

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