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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Pool Side Fun At G Hotel and Gurney Hotel Penang

During our recent holiday cum surgeon appointment in Penang recently, the girls enjoyed themselves to the max at the pool side of the hotels that we stayed in. On day 1 we stayed in G Hotel, a trendy hotel located along Gurney Drive and facing the sea. On day 2, we checked into Gurney Hotel. While the girls had fun playing at the pool side, we adults (hubs, MIL and moi) ate everything that was on our eating list. Nothing was missed out this time. Hubs even went to this restaurant by the sea named Tsunami Village Restaurant near Tg Bungah for seafood, on the recommendation of his friend. We were supposed to have dinner there but only reached the restaurant at close to 10pm and ended up having supper instead!

At the pool side of G Hotel...

Jacuzzi at G Hotel...
Baby who was not allowed swimming at public pools could not contain her excitement and when I wasn't looking, she stripped herself down and wanted to jump into the jacuzzi to join her 2 jie jies and daddy, muahahahaha!!!

I promised Baby that if she continues to be UTI-free for another 5-6 months, she can go swimming when we go to Penang in June next year for her next post-surgery ultrasound scan.

Me, paint balling @ Gurney Hotel. The activities and facilities at Gurney Hotel are much better than G Hotel and the hotel is more kids-friendly...

Pool side fun @ Gurney Hotel.

We will definitely check into Gurney Hotel again next June. We find that the rooms at Gurney Hotel are more kids-friendly and the pool side area is a haven for kids. Among the facilities available are archery, billiard, paintball, gym, a huge sand-pit with beach sand for kids to build sand castles and super duper fun slides at the pool. My girls lurve the pool side area!

Though G Hotel is trendy and new, I find it not very kids-friendly. Imagine there is not even a hand-held shower in the bathroom, so how to shower a toddler? Thankfully Baby had no problem when I put her under the shower and told her that it's raining... and she thought that it's cool haha!!
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